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BEATLES: Kidnapped Part 3/?

By Robin Gurl

I am not entirely sure how far this goes...I got a few other chapters in random files but for now here is 33 pages worth...^ ^"... please remember that this was written back in 2002-2003. I'm happy people want to read it but it was written by a 16 year old so please remember that.

Back in the hotel Paul was laid down on Ringo’s bed and covered up with blankets.

Brian and the other two walked in a few minutes later, "We didn’t have any luck. Did you lads?"

Ringo nodded, "Yeah Eppy. We found the git. ‘Scuse me." Ringo walked by them and over to the trash bin.

Mal wide eyed watched Ringo throw all their razors away, "Ringo what the hell are you doing with me razor?"

"I don’t want to take any chances. Paulie’ in that state when he thinks if he kills himself the pain will go away. So we decided to keep one razor and throw the rest away." Ringo didn’t want to take a chance of losing Paul again.

George came running past Ringo and the other three. Ringo grabbed his friend’s arm, "Woah Mate. Wot’s wrong?"

"It’s Paul. His fever has gone up three degrees. I’m going to get a compress." George broke free of Ringo’s grasp and ran into the kitchen, a few seconds later he came out carrying a bowl of water and a cloth.

In the room John was sitting on the edge of Paul’s bed. He kept caressing Paul’s forehead gently, "It’s ok Paulie. You’re home now. I’m here. Ringo’s here. Georgie’s here. We’ll never leave your side again."

George was standing in the doorway a bit surprised. Ever since they had gotten kidnapped John’s armor had gone away. It was a bit scary but at the same time a nice feeling to know the John that only his family saw. It showed that John really did care. To be honest he had seen the caring side of both Ringo and John since the kidnapping. ::Will things every be normal again?::

"Hey you bugger wotcha standing there for?"

George smiled, ::At least he hasn’t completely changed.:: "Don’t get your knickers in a knot Lennon. I was just thinking. Aren’t I aloud to think?"

John gave George a sarcastic disbelieving look, "You think? Woah..wot an improvement. He he. Just kidding."

George wet the compress then placed it on Paul’s forehead, "This should hopefully bring down the fever. If not John then we will call a doctor." John had insisted that they try and handle it themselves. For what reason George didn’t know, the only possible reason George could see was to keep Paul out of the news.

John nodded mentally crossing his fingers. He’d hope they wouldn’t have to put Paul in a hospital. Being a Beatle and going to a hospital or anywhere else for that matter was a living hell. "We’re not taking him anywhere unless we have to."


"Wot’s wrong Ringo?"

"We got a letter from Don."


"Wot does that man want now?" John took the letter out of Ringo’s hands. He opened it and read it out loud. "My dearest love, your friends gave me quite a beating. But I am healing and we’ll be alright very soon. I miss you terribly. I may stop by soon to pay you a visit that you won’t forget. Love you always Don." John looked up at the other two Beatles then back at the sleeping Paul. Paul’s hair was sticking to his forehead. His breathing was more normal now but every once in awhile it became labored. "We are going to put Body Guards around him now all the time."

Paul opened his eyes, "Johnny wot you got in your hand?" He sat up weakly and staggered over to his friends.

George gasped, "Paul!" Get back in bed now!"

Paul shook his head, "No! If it concerns me then I want to know" After a few seconds of chasing John around Paul finally grabbed the letter and read it. He sat down on the bed hard dropping the letter and putting his head in his hands, "No…not…again.." tears threatened to fall.

Ringo sat beside the second youngest Beatle. He put an arm around Paul and pulled him close "It’s ok Paul. He’s not going to get near you. I swear it."

That night Paul sat up. He thought he heard a noise. Worried it was a burglar or a crazy fan he got up weakly. "Allo?"

"Paul?" Ringo sat up and watched Paul leave the room. He got up and followed him.

Paul froze that voice. It was Don. He made a bee line back to his room only to find the door locked. "Leave me alone!"

It was so dark that he couldn’t see anything or anyone for that matter. Paul didn’t like that. He ran to George and John’s door, "HEY LET ME IN!!"

Ringo ran into John and George’s room, "Mates Paulie’s gone mad. Hurry."

"Oh Paul. Don’t do that love." Pleaded John, he tried to get near Paul but Paul hit him away.

Ignoring Don, Paul kept banging on the door. He got no answer and slid to his knees his head hurt like mad. He felt someone kneel beside him.

"I love you." Don pulled Paul into him.

John pulled Paul close checking for injuries. "Hrm..you’re warm. You’re fevers gone up."

Paul looked up at Don to weak to pull away, "You just got here. How do you know about me fever?"

"Wake up love!!" Ringo said quietly.

That time it sounded like Ringo. Paul was so confused he put his hands over his ears, "STOP IT. TOO MANY VOICES!!"

Ringo looked at Paul’s convulsing body, "Wot did I do?"

"Nothing. I think he is just having a bad dream." John pulled Paul into his lap and rocked him gently. "Paulie wake up."

Don pulled Paul into his lap and kissed him on the forehead. "Paulie wake up."

The kiss wasn’t loving it was fatherly. Paul didn’t want to let go for some reason. He snuggled closer all of a sudden feeling safe. Then Don turned from nice to mean and slapped him.

Paul flinched away from John, "NO!!!" Tears fell from the Bassist’s eyes, "I’m SORRY!!"

"You jerk! You let your friends hit me after all I’ve done for you!" Don hit him again.

John shook Paul, "Paul wake up!"

Don shook Paul hard, "You jerk! I thought you loved me!"

Finally Paul opened his eyes, "John?"

"Paul you ok?"

Paul noticed for the first time how much his head hurt, "Where’s Don?" He put a hand to his head, "Why does me head hurt?"

"You were banging your head on the wall screaming for us to let you in." Ringo knelt beside his two friends. "You just had a bad dream Paulie."

"Wot time is it?"

"1:00 a.m. Come on you need to get back to bed."

After they had put Paul back in bed John and George left.

"Good Night Paulie."

Ringo I don’t want to be alone. Can…can I sleep with you?"

Ringo sat up and looked over at his young friend, "Uh..shore Paulie. Come on."

Paul climbed out of his bed and he staggered over to Ringo. He felt Ringo grab his arms and lead him down on the bed, "Thank you."

Ringo nodded, "No problem. Feel safer now?"

Paul nodded his head snuggling closer. "Yes."

"Paul?" When he got no response Ringo sat up. He saw Paul had already fallen asleep, "You shore gave me a fright mate." He laid back down, "Good Night Paulie."


The next morning George and John walked in. "Come on Paulie time to get up."

"Paul?" George undid the covers revealing an empty bed.

"Where us he?" John noticed Ringo was still asleep, "Hey you bugger wake up."

Ringo sat up groggily, "Wot?"

"Where’s Paulie?"

Ringo yawned and rubbed his eyes, "Over here."

John and George walked over to Ringo’s bed, "I don’t see ‘em Ring."

Ringo pulled down the covers. There was Paul curled up in a ball sucking his thumb, "Yes he is…" He looked over at his clock, "It’s too early…"

"Yeah but if we want to take Paul out today we need to get out before the fans do." John threw Ringo some clothes then proceeded to go through Paul’s suite case. "Wake up Paul. These fans here in Alaska get up early."

Ringo shook Paul, "Come on wake up."

Paul groaned and turned over on his stomach pulling the pillow over his head, "No!" came the muffled response.

"Yes! We’re going out. We’re easy targets for Don if he comes back here."

Paul sat up his skin was a feverish red. "But I’m sick," he croaked weakly.

"Which is why there is a wheel chair waiting for you down stairs. Bring some blankets for Paul it’s cold outside."


Paul stood up and then immediately set back down.

"Paul?" George knelt down in front of him, "You alright mate?"

"Make the world stop spinning then I’ll be fine.." Paul lay back down putting a hand over his eyes.

George felt sorry for his friend, "Maybe we should forget going out."

"And let Don catch Paul again? George think!" John glared at the youngest Beatle, "Besides once we get him in the wheelchair he’ll be fine."

"Sorry.." George didn’t want Don to get Paul again, but at the same time he didn’t want Paul to feel worse then he already did.

Ringo put an arm under Paul’s body and picked him up, "I’ll carry the bugger."

"HEY!! PUT ME DOWN YOU GIT!!" Paul squirmed weakly.

"Stop your squirming. You can’t get down and walk on yer own anyways."

Paul’s stomach finally decided that the squirming wasn’t a good idea, "Can you please help me to the bathroom?"

Ringo walked as fast as he could to the bathroom, "Hold it in Paulie. I’m trying."

A few seconds later John and George heard sickening noises, from both Ringo and Paul.

"Ring? Yeh ok in there mate?"

Ringo walked back out holding his own stomach, "If I ever have kids, me bird will help ‘em when they get sick."

"YOU LEFT HIM THERE." John exclaimed.

Ringo nodded a little green.

John ran into the bathroom to see Paul holding his stomach and throwing everything up and then some. "Hang in there Paul. Let it all out." John reached up and grabbed a washcloth. He wetted it then dabbed Paul’s forehead with it. John had lots of practice with his own son. He knew how to do it.

Outside George kept glancing back and forth from the bathroom door to Ringo. "Is it that bad?"

"George yer stomach couldn’t handle it mate." Ringo finally get go on his stomach trusting it not to come out, "Next time Paul does that John is taking care of it."

John appeared carrying Paul, "Fine with me. Now lets get outside."

Downstairs John sat Paul down in the wheel chair gently, "You doing ok Pauli?""

Paul nodded, "Me chest hurts…"

"You broke some remember? Then you threw up your insides so I don’t doubt it."

George and Ringo placed blankets around Paul.

"HEY LOOK!" A blonde haired girl pointed, "IT’S THEM!!"

John almost panicked but clamed himself, "RUN!!"

Paul hung on tight as someone pushed the wheel chair that he was in forward and fast. ::Don’t think of food. Don’t think of food.::

Ringo saw an empty alley, "In here mates."

"Whew….these fans are crazy." George panted..

John patted Paul’s shoulder, "You ok Paulie??"

Paul didn’t trust his stomach not to come out his mouth so he just looked up to John.

"Good. Now lads where are we going today?"

Ringo and George gave John a I still can’t believe you’re doing this look.


Paul closed his eyes swallowing hard. One more run like that and he was going to throw up again.

John shrugged, "Look I don’t want Don to get Paul again. I’m sorry."

Ringo nodded, "None of us do John." He motioned to the sleeping Paul, "But is worth it to do this to Paul? He looks worse then he did before."

"Ring’s right. John, Paulie’s sick. He needs to be in bed. You’re not being fair Johnny." George looked down at his feet, "He’d almost be better off caught. At least Don would keep him bed."

Both Beatles looked at him.

George stepped back, "Sorry.."

"Let’s go get some chicken soup, and more compresses. Maybe some medicine to then lets go home and put Paulie to bed."

John nodded, "Kay.."

After about an hour they arrived back at the hotel.

"Where is everyone?" George looked around and saw no one in the hotel.

John picked Paul up and headed to Paul and Ringo’s room, "Don’t know..Mal said he’d be here when we got back."

After John left Ringo sat down on the couch beside George, "I don’t like how quiet it is in here."

"Me neither."

"Hello boys."

Both of them froze.

"Turn around I’m right behind you."

Both turned around to see Don smiling at them, "Nice to see you again."

He walked over and tied both of them up, "Don’t have any hard feelings. You’re both beautiful I just love Paul better." Don stood up and made his way into the other room.