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BEATLES: Kidnapped Part 5/?

By Robin Gurl

I am not entirely sure how far this goes...I got a few other chapters in random files but for now here is 33 pages worth...^ ^"... please remember that this was written back in 2002-2003. I'm happy people want to read it but it was written by a 16 year old so please remember that.

Two hours later Policemen were surrounding the house. Heather came running in, "George!!"

George turned around and scooped the small girl up, "Wot’s wrong love?"

Heather buried her face into George’s shoulder, "I’m scared. Those people have guns."

"It’s alright. They only hurt mean people." George soothed rubbing her back gently.

"Are you sure?"

"Yup! Now come on let’s go do something."

Heather nodded and let George carry her in the room.

Ringo started laughing when he saw George playing Barbi’s with Heather. He didn’t say anything and continued in the den. "How is he John?"

John smiled tiredly, "His fever’s gone down. But he is still scared."

"Who wouldn’t be?" Ringo sat down on the couch holding Paul’s hand.

"Where’s George?"

"Playing Barbie's."

Greg walked in with his black bag, I would like to check John over since he’s been around him the most. Just a precaution, I assure you."

John reluctantly let Ringo take Paul into his embrace, and then he stood up and followed Greg out of the room. He kept looking back making sure Paul was ok.

Paul awoke when he felt himself be moved over to someone else. "W..wot?"

"It’s ok Paulie, Greg is checking Johnny over."

That was Ringo. He gave a sigh of relief and relaxed.

Don looked on from a distance, "Alright boys I’ll play it your way!" He climbed in the tree and pulled out some clothes then changed.

Jack came in and called the policemen that were there in for a meeting, "We have gone through Don’s records and this isn’t the first time he has done this. This is his 12th time."

Gasps were heard around the room.

"We now want him dead or alive."

"How have most of his victims come out?"

Jack sighed, "Dead. Most of them. A few are still alive."

"We need maximum security around the Beatles and I mean it. No one is to get to them without having a written pass by either I or one of you."

"Yes sir." They all saluted then reported back to their stations.

"We’ll get you yet Don Raingen. You will never hurt anyone again." Jack vowed, "No matter what, I swear it." He leaned in the door frame watching Ringo play cards with a sort of out of it Paul.

Paul smiled weakly as he thought he put down a hand of aces when it was really a hand of 2s.

"Aw, Paulie, you beat me again!!" Ringo exclaimed, knowing full well Paul’s vision was messed up. He had been letting Paul win all of them to keep Paul busy.

Jack gave a slight smile nodding his head towards the room where George and Heather were now having a tea party.

Ringo shook his head almost feeling sorry for his mate. He turned back to Paul dealing 2 more hands.

"I’m going to the police car to check in with the LT. BRB!" Jack put his coat on then walked out.

Don smiled and hopped of the tree. He jumped Jack knocking him out. After Jack was unconscious Don took Jack’s policemen patch and pinned it on his chest. Smiling he walked back into the house.

Paul looked up and noticed how much Jack looked like Don. Suddenly feeling scared he crawled over beside Ringo.

"Paulie wot’s wrong?" Ringo put an arm around the bassist pulling him closer, "You ok?"

Paul didn’t answer and closed his eyes his head leaning on the drummers shoulder.

Greg covered John up and walked out of the room closing the door quietly.

Ringo looked up, "Where’s John?"

"He’s sick. He got it to." Greg put his bag on the table. "You might wanna be careful."

Paul slid away, "I don’t want you to get sick to."

"Paul I don’t care if I get sick." Ringo pulled Paul back, "I’m going to watch over you. George would do the same."

Paul didn’t answer and he stood up weakly, "I’m going with John.."

Don walked up behind Paul and grabbed him, covering Paul’s mouth, he dragged him into a room. John was just coming out of the bathroom after throwing up his life savings and probably more. "Paulie? That you mate?"

George walked out carrying Heather, "John, wot’s wrong?"

"Get her out of here. I think something is wrong." John hissed.

George nodded and put Heather down pushing her in her room and locking the door. "Heather."

"Yes George." Came the small reply.

"Stay in here until it is very quiet do you understand?"


George followed John down the hall, "You think it’s Don?"

Don stuck his head out watching the two Beatles look around. He shook his head and then finished tying Paul up to a chair, "You shout and I’ll throw you out this window."

Paul nodded weakly, he glanced around the room counting nine windows.

Don walked around opening all the windows, -15 Degree air blew in instantly chilling the room. "I’ll be right back love." Don locked the door and went after John and George.
George had a feeling that they were being followed. Hoping it was Ringo and John could go back to bed he turned around only to be punched in the face.

John her George cry out and he turned around just in time to catch George as he fell, "Geo? You ok?"

"Someone punched me." George rubbed his jaw gingerly.

John looked around and saw Jack, "Hey was that you Jack?"

Don took the hat and mustache off, "No John, it’s me Don. Have you missed me?"

Heather pushed the door open, "George?"

"Heather get back in the room. NOW!!"

The girl nodded and ran into the room where Paul was by accident. "Mr. Paul?"

Paul opened his eyes weakly. "Wot?" He murmured through his gag.

Heather climbed on his lap hugging him, "Are you ok? Why are your lips blue?" The gag was transparent and Paul’s lips were a light blue.

"Go gt hlp."

"I can’t." Heather reached up and undid Paul’s gag.

Paul sighed tiredly as chills ran up through his spine, "Why not?" He said after Heather untied his gag.

"George told me to stay in here."

"Heather I’m serious." Paul said shivering. He knew that the girl wasn’t strong enough to untie him. He was so cold. He also knew that Heather wasn’t strong enough to close those windows.

"Mr. Paul are you ok?" Heather asked worriedly. She knew she was young but she knew when someone was sick.

"No.." he let out softly.

"I can’t believe he left."

Greg sat down beside the drummer, "He doesn’t want you sick to."

Just then Jack came in, "We have trouble."

Ringo scratched his head perplexed, "I just saw you."

"That wasn’t me that was Don."

Ringo jumped up and ran down the hall, "PAULIE!!"

Paul heard someone call him name, "Heather go now. George won’t be mad at you. Go get someone who can help."

The girl reluctantly ran out the room. The wind blew the door shut jamming it. Paul didn’t notice and closed his eyes praying that someone would get here in time.

"RINGO!!" Heather shouted running towards the drummer.

Ringo saw Heather running towards them, she looked scared, "Wot’s wrong love?"

"It’s Mr. Paul."

"Where is he honey?" Greg asked his daughter.

The girl hugged Ringo’s neck tightly, "In that room over there."

Ringo walked down the hall until she said to stop. "Paul?"

Paul’s heart jumped a mile, "RINGO!!" He shouted through his chattering teeth. ::Why did I ever want to come to Alaska to begin with….?:: "Hurry up..Oh God..Oh God…Ringies it’s so cold in here."

"I’m coming in love hang on." Ringo tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. "Paul the door is jammed."

"Hurry Ringo..please…"

"Paul what’s going on in there?" Greg called, "What has Don done?"

"Do..Doo..He opened all the windows…cold air is..blowing…"

Greg gasped, "The high today is only –10. If we don’t get him out soon he’ll die of hypothermia."

"Paulie are you tied up?"


"Great, hang in there love."