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Junior Super Friends: House of Cards

"NO! STOP! You musn't do this!" Ashlee screamed helplessly as her friends hold her back. "Sarah wouldn't want you to do this!"

Todd stopped and turned around smiling at her. "But I gotta, it's what being a super hero is all about! Tell Sarah I love her ok? I'll be back, I promise!"

Wonder Girl held Aquagirl's shoulders trying not to show how upset she was. "…You had better! If not I'll NEVER forgive you!"

He smiled and nodded, "Don't worry Wonder Girl. Keep smiling, I need you two to keep Gurl Wonder's spirits up if anything happens." Then he looked up and jumped off the roof where they were standing.

Aquagirl watched as he took off in the air, the device in his arms. Her heart beating madly. Tears streamed as she realized even though he had promised them, he couldn't have meant it. There was enough Kryptonite in that device to not only blow up the planet but to kill Superman. "H-He's not going to make it is he…?" She whispered her voice shaking as she gripped Wonder Girl's arm.

Wonder Girl looked up eyes going wide as the sky lit up from the explosion. She hugged her sister burying her face in her shoulder. She tensed up and then started to cry her frame shaking. Aquagirl couldn't tear her eyes away as she held her normally calm sister.

Their communicators started to light up as the adults tried to call in asking what was going on. On the teen titan wrist watch GW and Robin came in.

// What was that!? Did Lex Luthor Detonate it? Is everyone ok!?

Aquagirl put the watch to her mouth and took a deep breath, "….Aquagirl here. I-I am reporting from on top of Metroplis tower. T-The threat has been elinmated…I repeat, threat has been eliminated."

// ..HOW!? Is Todd there!?

Wonder Girl lifted her watch to her mouth, her voice cracking. "S-Sarah, I'm sorry…h-he …he isn't. He is up there…he did it to save you and the world."

There was silence on the other side of the watch and then Robin crying out for his sister. Sobbing could be heard after.

Aquagirl looks to Wonder Girl both their features are grim as they try to hold back their own feelings at hearing the friend break down. She speaks into the watch again, this time a few tears streaming as she does, "H-He said t-to tell you he loved you, Sarah."