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ittoki x tokiya love

robingurl in rgscorner

KNB: Weakness Part 1

This is my first Kuroko no Basket story ..um. My friend and I have a weird desire to torture Kuroko with evil!Akashi ...to the point where Akashi has control over Kuroko... It’ll make sense I guess once you read it.

Pairings: Past AoKuro and Current KagaKuro AoKise

“Oi, Baka!” Aomine called out walking behind the team. “Kagami – can I speak with you a minute?”

Both Kagami and Kuroko turned around, they both looked exhausted from their recent game. “Hah? We’re tired, we want to go home. What is it?” Kagami sighed keeping his arm around Kuroko holding him up.

The other teen sighed glaring at Kagami but his gaze softened as he looked to Kuroko. “Alone?”

The glare on Kagami’s face grew harder but he sighed, “Kuroko? Are you going to be ok? Do I need to get someone to help you walk?”

“G-Gomen Nasai…I-I think I’m going to need help, my legs feel numb..” Kuroko whispered panting, he was still unable to stand himself after the hard game against Aomine’s team. He was scared and didn’t want to leave Kagami by himself. “A-Aomine-kun?”

“Easy, Tetsu, I just want to speak with him for a bit. Nothing funky.” The other responded.

Kagami turned his head towards the other team mates, “…S-Senpai can you help Kuroko please?”

Teppei walked over nodding limping a bit himself but able to take Kuroko with ease. “Hai hai.” His smile turned to worry, “Don’t do anything stupid, Kagami.” He raised his gaze to glare at Aomine. “Come on Kuroko, let’s go get you some water and rest. Kagami will join us soon.”

“H-Hai..” Kuroko whispered as he was helped on, Jun-Pei walking over to lift his other arm to help so Teppei wouldn’t brunt all of the weight of the extra person by himself.

Kagami watched as the other two helped Kuroko out then turned back to Aomine, “It was a good game.” He held out his hand smiling for a handshake.

Aomine looked down at the offered hand still a bit in shock that he had lost and momentarily forgetting why he had asked Kagami over – shook the offered hand. “U-Uh hai…”

“Now what did you want to talk to me about so badly?” The red head acted antsy as though he really wanted to get back to Kuroko.

“…Kuroko is why I wanted to talk to you.” His eyes darkened as he sighed. “And you care about him as much as I did…do…so its only fair that you know.”

“Know what? Kuroko told me that you used to play with him then you got stupid and left, what else is there to know?”

Aomine growled, “There is more to it than that Bakagami!”

“B-Bakagami?” He blinked – everyone was using that nick name now. “That’s not my name!”

“It is when you are being stupid! Now listen, Tetsu needs to lay down for a few hours before heading home.”

“Huh..? Yeah right, he’ll catch cold laying on a cold bench for three hours.”

“He will collapse otherwise.” Aomine sighed trying to figure out how to explain it. “Look your future opponent, if you get past the rest of the Generation of Miracles is in a league of his own.”

“Yeh Akashi, I met the punk, he tried to cut me in half with his scissors. What of it?”

“Didn’t you see how Tetsu was acting around him?”  Aomine pressed, he looked around nervously then drags Kagami by his arm to the teams locker room into the showers where they could talk alone. “This is serious Kagami.”

“First off why the showers? Second off, I can see that. So spill it.” Kagami spat back at him even more agitated that he had been taken even further away from Kuroko. He thought back to when he had met the crazy red head, Kuroko acted submissive, his head hung, answers were short but polite. “…he acted off.” He finally responded. “As if he were scared of something..”

“He’s terrified of Akashi. The reason I brought you in here was to get away from prying eyes. Akashi has eyes and ears everywhere, in fact here may not even be safe.”

“You are starting sound a bit crazy, Aomine.”

Aomine’s face turned angry. “You don’t have to believe me but just listen. Akashi is good at hypnotizing, he can manipulate minds to fit his needs. …he has been training Tetsu since middle school. He’s manipulated Tetsu to collapse after each game out of weakness, it’s going to happen now and will keep happening. Kise and I tried to stop it but it didn’t work.”

Kagami blinked a few times not sure what to say in response. He was confused but more so scared. “…what? You can’t be serious.”

“Like I said, you don’t have to believe me. But don’t force him to shake it off, we did that and he was bed ridden for a week.”
“If it does happen, what do I do then?” The red head asked.

“Help him get somewhere to rest and lay down, rest it off. That’s all he can do.” He answered back. “Now go. We’ve been seen together too long as it is.”

“You’ve been watching too many spy movies..”

“Until you have had to deal with Akashi, you can think what you want, but know that no where is safe.”


Kuroko glanced up as he sat dozing, everyone else had gotten packed up. Riku was knelt down in front of him confused and worried, the numbers while not off the chart for Kuroko weren’t usually this low. “I don’t understand, your Stamina and energy levels are way too low for your usual stats. Jun-pei, I need a cold compress please, Kuroko, stay with me.”

She reached out putting two fingers to his neck feeling his pulse, it was weak though he was breathing hard. “Teppei, a bottle of pocari please.”

The rest of the team watched worried as she tried to take care of him. Teppei walked over with the sports drink handing it to her. She reached up and tried to get Kuroko to drink some. “Just a few sips, Kuroko. You are dehydrated amongst other things.”

He tried to obey getting a bit down but pulled away panting. Jun-Pei reappeared with a handful of cold compresses helping her wrap Kuroko’s ankles, wrists and neck in them, “Over heated you think?”

She looked over to Jun-pei worried and scared, “I-I don’t know. I’ve never seen this happen before.”

“What do you mean?”

“His numbers were once average for a normal basketball player but now – they are so low its like I forced a sick kid out on the court who shouldn’t have left the hospital. I’m so confused..”

“He was fine on the court though, if he wasn’t I would have told you.”

“I know, I know. That’s why I’m so confused.”

Kuroko tries to smile weakly, “G-Gomen Nasai..I’m a-alright.” His eyes are heavily lidded, pupils glassy as he pants. “…I-I’m just e-exhausted.”

“Stop lying to me and lay back.” She said standing. “And where did Bakagami go off too?”

“He said he had to talk with Aomine for a bit.” Teppei responded as he changed shirts. “I’m sure he’ll be back soon.” His eyed Kuroko worried, the smaller teen wasn’t acting right.

Before Riku could respond, the door burst open and Kagami rushed in. The red head looking around quietly seeing Kuroko, he ran in. She slapped him, “BAKAGAMI!”

“OW! What was that for!?” Kagami rubbed his side as he knelt down in front of his shadow. “K-Kuroko?” He gently reached up and cupped the pale face in his tanned hand. “…C-Coach, I’d like to take Kuroko back to my house if that’s alright.”

“I-I don’t see why not but Kagami, Kuroko is in no position to walk. He can barely stay awake.”

“I’ll carry him. I-If he’ll let me that is..” Kagami blushd a bit but his gaze still serious as he turned to Riku. “O-Onegai!”

She sighed standing, “Fine. Kuroko, are you alright with that?”

The small teen blinked sleepily as he nodded, “H-Hai I want to go to with Kagami-kun.”

Kagami took that as permission to gently gather his team mate up in his arms in a bridal carry. “Easy, I got you.” He looked around, “Where are his bags? A-And jacket?”

Teppei walked over with them, he laid the jacket over Kuroko and helped Kagami shoulder the bags. “Are you sure you are going to be ok alone?”

“Hai. Thank you.” He held Kuroko close looking to Riku, his gaze serious. “..I think I have an idea what is wrong with him, but please give me time to make sure. If I figure it out I’ll tell you about it, ok?”

She sighed crossing her arms before nodding, “..Ok. But please be careful, he isn’t well. Luckily you have a few days before the next game but let me know as soon as possible if Kuroko can’t play.”

“Will do.” Though Kagami’s voice was determined, “But I hope that won’t be the case.”