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Real Ghost Busters: Hurt/Comfort Chapter 1

For newbies...I did it. I finally went to hell (again) ....my mind was FINALLy able to do this...I wrote hurt/comfort for Ghost Busters.

Putting this here for America, so she can read more if she wants:

He hovered over the sleeping human watching him curiously. He had been told before to not bother them during the night. Something about human's needing sleep to be coherent and not cranky..? He floated back and forth as quietly as he could careful not to drip any ectoplasm on the human below him. Maybe this human needed more sleep all the time? After all he was constantly cranky, always shouting at him, throwing stuff at him, threatening to put him in the containment unit and all for stealing a few cookies…and last nights dinner, something called upside down pineapple cake …oh and the doughnuts….

He started to go float over to sleep beside Ray when he heard strange noises coming from the human below him. He got a little closer and heard then noises again…it sounded like a monster? Even though this human was loud when he was awake, when he was asleep he was the opposite - this noise was new. It sounded a little like the time the thing they called a sink got clogged.

The ghost sat there hovering for a few seconds trying to remember what Winston and Egon had done to unclog the "sink" when the human beneath him turned on his side and started to cough - this time the "monster" noises were back - whatever Monster was there was going to hurt his friend!

He started to try and wake up the human when he thought he saw ectoplasm …a tiny bit… coming out of his nose…!? He knew enough about humans to know that wasn't right! He flew over to Ray screaming at him to wake up.

Ray sat up looking disgusted and half asleep as he and his sheets dripped in ectoplasm. He sighed, "…Slimer what is it? It's late and these were my favorite sheets?!"

The green ghost shook and pointed towards the other side of the room. Screaming in his ghost speak about one of them being possessed.

"Ok ok calm down, you're saying Peter is possessed by a ghost? He just said that get you to leave him alone! We told you slimer, humans need sleep at night."

Slimer threw his arms up and then reached down pulling Ray to his feet frantically. He explained as best as he could what he saw …the clogged sink and green goo.

Knowing he wouldn't get any rest if he didn't get up to see what Slimer was going on about, Ray got out of bed stretching, he yawned trying not to wake the others. "..Ok ok Slimer, show me what is so wrong?" Mentally he was preparing himself for his friend's endless tricks on their green ghost friend. Slimer stayed behind him though as he walked over - the only thing abnormal about this was Peter was snoring. "..He's just play sleeping to scare you so you'll leave him alone. Come on Slimer, go back to bed and leave Peter alone. You know how cranky he gets when you wake him in the middle of the night."

Slimer looked past Ray worried, he knew what he saw. He shook his head not letting Ray past him. The human in front of him heaved a sigh and turned back around, "Fine. Show me…"

Ray watched as Slimer slowly got closer - he himself was waiting on his friend to jump up out of no where and scare the ectoplasm out of Slimer (and himself) … but this time nothing happened. "Ok jokes up, Peter, stop scaring Slimer." He said trying to wake him up and prove he knew what prank was coming. "I'll take him downstairs, just prove to him you aren't a monster or possessed by one."

Slimer floated behind Ray waiting for it too, but nothing came. The other two hadn't woken up behind them either …but the one in front of them hadn't budged. They looked at each other confused and becoming worried. Slimer watched as the human started to shake the sleeping one ..but he stopped quickly. "Ok Slimer, you win, but he's not possessed….I think he's just sick."

The green ghost looked puzzled at the word. Ray sighed trying to figure out how to explain it. "Humans ..c-can uh…get sick - not feel good sometimes and just need rest…" Slimer nodded taking it all in. "That means you need to leave him alone, let him sleep until morning. Come on over here with me until morning."

Slimer hovered over his friend's sleeping body for a few seconds longer looking to Ray before shaking his head. He floated over hovering just above the mattress and gave a garbled 'not leaving his side' and 'I won't wake him I promise'.

He watched helplessly before giving in and nodding. "Don't slime on him either, not until we know what's going on. For all I know it could be just a cold or something worse…"


There was a loud sneeze from upstairs and a groan that rattled everyone downstairs. "…sleeping beauty is finally awake." Egon said not looking up from his paper, only pausing long enough to rearrange his glasses so he could read.

"Can't he ever wake up quietly ….and what was with that sneeze? It sounded like King Kong met Dumbo.." Winston added - he was still half asleep, only half attempting to eat the pancakes in front of him. Geannine had made breakfast since Peter decided to sleep in - in one world it was inedible, not even Slimer would touch it.  Speaking of Slimer, Winston looked around. "…is it just me or is it really quiet? Where is the "spud" as Peter calls it?"

As if in response there was a yell, "Get away - sneeze - from me !" and a crash then a thud of a body hitting the floor followed it. "Unnghh, ok ok what bus hit me….?"

Ray came running in from the garage at the commotion. "Did Slimer slime Peter? I told him not too." He sighed heading up the stairs. "Slimer, what did I tell you about sliming someone who isn't feeling well?!"

The last sentence perked the other two up, looking at each other they got up from the table and headed up the stairs curious about what Ray knew and what they didn't.

"It's so lovely when someone knows something about yourself before you even know it…" Came the weak response from the man on the floor. "When were you going to clue me in that I was apparently hit by a truck?"

"You weren't hit by a truck, you probably just have a cold." The other said. "Need a hand up?"

"As soon as my eyes stop trying to play around the world in 80 days…"

When they got up there Slimer was floating around Peter's face frantically, not touching him but almost close enough to slime him. "And someone g-get the green potato away from me…he's making it worse!"

"Slimer, come over here." Ray commanded pointing to his side.

"H-He's a ghost not a dog, Ray…I've explained t-this to you many times.." Peter curled up on his side clenching his eyes shut trying to stop the wave of dizziness and the aches all over his body. "Are you sure it wasn't a truck that hit me?"

"Positive. Unless it came in through the window and hit you in bed while you slept?"

The man on the floor pushed himself to a sitting position feeling dizzier as he did. "..S-So a ghost truck? Seems reasonable."

"Ghost trucks don't cause feverish red skin or a cold sweat." Egon responded kneeling down to feel his forehead. "And you're burning up."

"…wonderful." Was the only response as Peter closed his eyes to keep from getting sick, the roller coaster his vision was on had yet to let up.

Silently Egon helped him stand and back to bed knowing better than to say anymore - after rooming with Peter in college he'd learned to keep his mouth shut. Pride was one thing Peter took seriously above everything else, even in front of his friends.  "Ray, how did you know Peter was ill?"

"Oh that’s easy, last night Slimer woke me up…said Peter was possessed or something ..and I felt his fever just when I got close to him. I didn't want to wake him up though.."

"Stupid spud, I'm not possessed nor am I that sick. It's just a cold." As he said this, a shiver ran up his spine. His gut was telling him this was more than a cold but he wasn't going to let it beat him like this.

"Looks like you need bed rest for a couple of days." Winston says as he walks over with a blanket. "And chicken noodle soup and cartoons!"

"What am I - 8?!"

"Mentally or Physically…?" Egon asked giving a rare snide joke. The glare he receieved was enough to tell him he'd made a "funny". "Either way, Winston is right. You need to rest or you won't get well. We'll call a doctor to make sure it's nothing too awful."

"I'm telling ya, you are just over reacting. It's just a cold and a slight fever-" As he tried to speak Egon forced a therometer into his mouth. He grumbled around it crossing his arms, he was too distracted to notice his yellow pajamas were drenched in sweat.

Ray was already on it getting new pajamas, he started to dig through Peter's closet. "..Stripes or blue?"

Peter grumbled around the stick in his mouth. "His highness wants stripes." Egon translated dodging a weak attempt at a punch. "Save your strength, I have a feeling you're going to need it." As he said that it beeped and he took it out. He raised his glasses to look at the number then silently hands it to Winston who whistles handing it to Ray who exchanges it for clean pajamas.

"..So Is a-anyone going to tell me what my magic number is or am I going to have to guess?"  Even though he was trying to act normal, his voice sounded distant and weaker. His energy was quickly dissipating.

"Too high. You need to rest. I'm calling the doctor." Egon stood up and hurried downstairs taking the firepole.

"What's with him?" Peter asked laying his head back into the pillows.

"Peter, you've got a pretty high fever. It's almost 103.." Ray responded sitting on the edge of the bed to show Peter the therometer. Slimer floated behind Ray looking terrified. "We're just worried… you don't usually get sick."

Peter blinked a bit embarrassed at all of the attention, "I'm human, I think I'm allowed a few mistakes here and there."

Winston sat the pajamas down on the nightstand leaning against the wall, arms crossed. "Well, no offense, but I definitely don't want it, Peter - so if you're contagious I'll be staying clear away."

"That's fine, all t-three of you can stay away if you need too." He sat up doubling over to cough, they sounded hoarse and barking just like last night. Ray watched worried as he handed Peter a hankerchief. Peter took it coughing up green mucus inside of it.

Slimer caught sight of it and started to fly around Peter apologizing for sliming him that he didn't mean too. Ray reached out and caught him pulling him away, "Easy, Slimer. That's not ectoplasm. Humans can get that when they are really sick." Slimer stopped flying around and hovered in the air still looking upset - he was worried.

"Ughh great I'm turning to the giant green goo monster." Peter said, his voice going in and out. His dizziness had returned as he fell back into his pillows. He was feeling sleepy again. "….R-Ray, I-I think you're right, I think I need to rest."

Winston looked up at this, it was rare for Peter to admit anything like this, he exchanged worried looks with Ray. "Yeh, just rest, Peter. You'll feel better in a few hours."

"Of course he will!" Ray exclaimed trying a little too hard to sound optimistic. He pulled the covers up over his friend and picked up the knocked off teddy bear placing it beside Peter's pillow. "Come on Slimer, let him rest."

Slimer relucantly followed the other two letting Peter sleep.