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robingurl in rgscorner

BEATLES: Kidnapped Part 4/?

By Robin Gurl

I am not entirely sure how far this goes...I got a few other chapters in random files but for now here is 33 pages worth...^ ^"... please remember that this was written back in 2002-2003. I'm happy people want to read it but it was written by a 16 year old so please remember that.


"Shh…it’s ok Paul, we’re back home now." John laid Paul down on Paul’s wet bangs away from his burning forehead.

Paul moaned weakly and didn’t let go of John, "Don’tleavemeplease.." Paul’s voice was so slurred that he almost sounded drunk.

"Wot is it Paulie?" John sat on the edge of Paul’s bed holding Paul’s hand tightly.

Paul moaned again, "….don’t…leave…"

"Oh! Don’t worry I won’t." John replied soothingly.

Don stayed hidden for another hour waiting on John to leave.

Soon Paul’s fever was to high, "Paulie. I have to go and get a compress you’re fevers too high."

He noticed how hot Paul looked, "Here.." John undid Paul’s shirt and pulled it off, "There. Now ya can breathe." John walked right past Don not even noticing he was there, "Be right back Paulie."


"Finally…" Don walked over to Paul’s bed and caressed the other boy’s forehead, "Hi love…"

Paul sat up scared, "Wot?" He saw Don, "Get away from me!"

"You little brat! I can’t believe you let them hurt me. After all I did for you." Don climbed into the bed and started unbuckling his pants. "You’re going to wish you’d never let them do that."

Paul’s eyes widened with fear. Horrible memories of the first time this happened flowed through his mind, "No..not again."

Don pulled Paul’s pants down, "Yes again. I’ve wanted you so much." He carefully put himself inside Paul and started thrusting.

Paul moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His fever made him weak so he had no energy to resist him.

On John’s way to the kitchen he thought he saw two figures. "Rings? Geo?" He walked over and saw them tied up. "Who did this to you?" He untied Ringo.

Ringo helped George then turned back to John. "We have to save Paulie."

"From who?"


"Ringo’s right! ‘e came in and tied us up. There is no telling wot he is doing to our Paulie."


Paul shivered from the chills running up his spine, "John?"

"Hm Paulie?" John opened one eye trying to NOT think of what had just happened. It was an event he hoped he'd NEVER have to relive - ever. But he had to live with it. He'd been forced to rape Paul.

"Are we ever going to get rid of him?" He snuggled closer his head in the crook of John’s arm.

"I don’t know Paulie….I don’t know… RINGO! GEORGE! Get over here." John knew they had to get out of here and get rid of Don. Only problem was that Paul was to weak to move. He put a hand to Paul’s forehead, "You’re still warm.."

Paul nodded drifting in and out of sleep.

"Hey John." George’s always smiling face appeared.

"So wot’s the plan Johnny?" Ringo sat on his knees leaning on the bed.

"I don’t know Ringo. Paul keeps getting worse and I’m running out of options."

George stood up and walked over to the window, "If we go out there we’ll be Beatle Icicles in no time."

"Why do you say that Geo?"

"It’s snowing hard…" George walked back over and plopped himself down beside Ringo his head falling tiredly on the drummers shoulder, "I want some kip."

John sighed and looked down at the sleepy Beatle, "Get some kip then."

George nodded, "That’s gear."

After both Paul and George were fast asleep Ringo laid George down on the floor gently then sat on top of the bed.

John rocked Paul back and forth trying to sooth the bassist. Paul kept whimpering quietly in his feverish sleep. The bassist snuggled closer to John for both warmth and safety.

"Johnny…wot are we going to do?" Ringo didn’t like how tired George was.

John looked up, "I don’t know..if only we could knock Don out for a little while to let us get out the door."

"John after we get out where are we going?"

"I don’t know."

Ringo didn’t like all of these I Don’t Knows. "Let’s wait until Don falls asleep then sneak out."

"Are you sure that’ going to work?"

Ringo shrugged, "You got any better ideas?"

"No…Let’s make it good then."

The plan was for Ringo to watch Don while John wrapped George and Paul up.

Paul awoke from his feverish sleep again only this time with a coughing fit. John was over at his side in no time hitting his back gently.

"Johnny?…" George sat up sleepily. He wiped sleep from his eyes noticing that he was wrapped tightly in blankets, "Wot the?"

"Oh you’re awake. Do you feel like running?" Paul had stopped coughing and fell forward into John’s arms asleep again. John laid Paul down again and wrapped him up.

George was still groggy. It was obvious that he wasn’t truly awake. John pushed George back down, "Sleep mate. You’re safe." John turned to Ringo, "Ready?"

Ringo nodded, "He’s asleep. Which bundle do you want?"

"I’ll take Paulie" John bent down to take Paul but came back up, "Don will be after me. So you take Paul." He switched sides and picked George up.

Ringo nodded and cradled Paul’s feverish sleeping form in his arms, "Let’s go before Don wakes up."

Luckily they got out only problem was that snow was falling hard.

"Over here." John led them over under a bridge. "Let’s sleep here."

"Shhh..Paulie it’s ok" Ringo rocked Paul back and forth. Paul had awoken and threw up in the river. Ringo pushed his fears for himself throwing up and turned his attention to Paul.

"Is he alright Ringo?" John snuggled under the blankets with George.

Ringo nodded, "Aye, I still don’t know how parents do it." He too got in the blanket with Paul. His body heat keeping Paul and he warm from the snow.

Soon the other Beatles were fast asleep. Snow fell hard covering them.
That morning Don walked back in to the room to see it empty, "Where the HELL are they?"

Outside George sat up. Snow fell on his nose. He shivered and snuggled closer to John, "The gits brought us outside…"

"I heard that George.."

George jumped, he didn’t know John was up. "John.."

"Yep. Yer feelin’ better right?"

George nodded, "Yes..was I that bad off last night?"

John nodded, "You didn’t look to hot." He looked over at Paul and Ringo. Paul was curled up in Ringo’s arms. Ringo was leaning against the wall of the bridge. "Should we let them sleep?"

George shrugged, "Don’t know.." He yawned, "Your choice.."

"Well if we get up now we can go get some breaki before everyone comes out." John stood up and walked over to the other sleeping Beatles. "Ringies!!"

Ringo opened his eyes weakly, "Wot?" He looked around after wiping snow off his face, "Oh.." He grinned sleepily, "Top of the morning to ya."

Paul shifted and sat up, he groggily looked around, "Where are we…" He didn’t remember falling asleep on a white blanket last night.

John smiled, "We got away from Don,"

"Only to wind up in a freakin’ blizzard." George finished for him. "You warm Paul?"

Paul was so confused and scared.

"Paulie?" Ringo looked into Paul’s hazel eyes. They were glazed over completely, "Hey mates, I don’t think Paulie’s with us all the way."

"R,,Ring,,o?" Paul leaned weakly into the drummer, "Don’t let Don get me…"

"It’s ok. We got away from him."

A blonde haired woman came down running after her daughter, "HEATHER GET BACK UP HERE!!"

The little girl stopped right in front of George and looked back at her mum,

"NO! I want to see the lake." She turned around and saw George, "Oh Hi!"

George smiled, "’Allo."

"Come on Daddy’s waiting." The woman trudged down the hill, "Hello. Can I help you?"

John shook his head, "Nope we’re fine."

"My name is Carol. I live here. Are you four British?"

The Beatles didn’t know what to think. She didn’t seem to know who they were. "Um..yes we’re British.." George replied dreading the reaction.

"Oh that’s neat."

Paul moaned weakly into Ringo’s shoulder. "Mommy..He’s sick.." Heather exclaimed. "Let’s let Daddy look at him.."

"Oh my." Carol finally got a real good look at the four boys and gasped. "You poor boys. C’mon let’s get ya’ll back to the house. I’ll let my husband Greg look at your friend."

John thought for a minute, He knew that Paul needed medical attention, and the others did to..including him probably. They were all out in the cold for a long time. George was probably sick and Ringo probably not far behind. "Ok." He stood up and pulled the youngest Beatle up with him.

Ringo stood up carrying Paul. He still couldn’t believe that she didn’t know who they were.

"No honey afraid not." Carol put a hand to Paul’s forehead, "How long have you been out here?"

"Since last night."


"It’s a long story."

Carol nodded and motioned them to follow her.

Heather who had some how won a piggy back from George giggled. She clapped her hands in delight as George went up and down, "Piggy Back!!"

At Carol’s house Paul was laid down on the couch.

"Now you boys go take a shower. Don’t worry I’ll take care of him."

Ringo nodded and followed George to the bathroom. John knelt down and placed a fatherly kiss on Paul’s forehead, then squeezed Paul’s hand giving the bassist a sense of safety.

"Carol…honey I’m home!" Greg, Carol’s husband walked in, "Honey what’s wrong?" He noticed that she seemed worked up about something.

"I have some friends, actually four young men. One of them is ill, please look at him." The young woman pleaded..

Greg nodded and walked into the den to see all four boys together. The ill one was propped up against what he guessed to be the leader. The youngest and the large nosed one were holding the ill boy’s hands, "Hello."

"’Allo..can yeh help our Paulie?"

"I’ll sure try my boy." Greg said reassuringly. "So what’s been hurting your friend?"

"Let’s see, high fever, throwing up, glazed eyes, can’t walk, delirious, want more?"

"My word." Greg knelt down opening his black bag, "Has he seen a doctor yet?"

"All right. That’s a start. What’s his name?"


Greg put a hand to Paul’s forehead, "Hey Paul come on wake up, I need to talk to you."

Paul moaned and tried to pull away.

"Stay still…"

Paul opened his eyes to see a strange man staring back at him, "Wot?" It came out as a horse whisper.

"It’s ok Paulie, he’s going to help."


"Ok boys, while I’m fixing your friend I want to you to tell me what is going on. I will give you all the help you need." Greg knew they were hiding something. He wanted to help them anyway he could.

Ringo took a deep breath and then proceeded to tell everything that happened. After an hour Ringo was finished. Greg was in shock, "You boys are going to stay with me until we get rid of this maniac."

"How can you help us?"

"I’m calling the police and I want you to tell them what you just told me." Greg opened one of Paul’s eyes and showed a light into them. "Your friend has a bad case of Pneumonia."

"Wot can we do to help Paulie?" John looked down at his young friend.

"You can’t do anything I’m afraid. We just have to let it run it’s course." Greg stood and grabbed a blanket, he wrapped it around Paul’s feverish body, "Carol call the police."


"Just do it."

Carol obeyed and called the police.

15 minutes later Paul was awake. He leaned weakly against John, "Thank you Greg.."

Greg smiled brushing hair out of Paul’s eyes, "No problem."

"Greg the police are here." Announced Carol.

"Bring them in dear."

Paul’s eyes widened and filled with fear, "Police?!?! John why are they here?"

"It’s alright Paulie."

"Hello boys."

Ringo and George stopped playing cars and looked up.

"Mind telling us what’s wrong?"

Ringo nodded and started to tell but Paul interrupted him.

"S..some guy.." Paul started, "Kidnapped me.." He started coughing hard.

"Paulie don’t. Let me or John tell."

Paul put a hand up telling him to be quiet, "No…I want to tell him.."

Ringo nodded, "Ok..If it gets to bad though, I’m going to take over."

"Me..me mates came and got me only to get caught themselves."

"What’s his name Son?"

"Don." Paul replied quietly.

"Did he hurt you in any other way?"

John was getting mad, "He freaking kidnapped him! Wot do you think?"

"Sir calm down and let your friend tell us."

"Yes…" Paul said shakily tears started forming in his eyes, "He beat me and me mates badly..He..rap…ra.." Paul buried his face in John’s shoulder crying.

"It’s alright young one, I understand. How did you get out?" The policeman turned to Ringo seeing that Paul was in no shape to answer.

Ringo looked sadly over at John who was rocking Paul back and forth, "Me and Johnny carried them out. Then Don came back and raped Paul again. He made John "please" Paul or die. We ran out last night and hid under the bridge. That’s when Mrs. Carol found us."

"Is that true?"

Carol nodded.

"Ok. We are going after Don. I will have ten men over here protecting you and your friends. You MUST NOT leave the house for anything. You are safer here. You understand?"

Everyone nodded.

"My name is Jack." The policeman offered his hand to Ringo. The drummer took it and they shook hands.

"Now my boy do you mind if I ask this..are your four the Beatles?"

George who had been quiet the whole time smiled, "Yes we are."

"Ah, I thought so. You’re George aren’t you?"

"Yes sir I am."

"That’s good. Well," Jack stood putting his hat on, "I’ve got to go." He walked over and rubbed Paul’s back, "It’s going to be alright. We’ll get Don, and you will be safe again. Just hang in there."

John gave Jack a grateful smile, "Thank you Jack." Paul had fallen asleep and was snoring softly in John’s embrace.

"No problem Mr. Lennon." Jack waved bye and walked out the door.