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ittoki x tokiya love

robingurl in rgscorner

Junior Super Friends: Akkadian Empire

This story was written off a song called "Akkadian Empire" by AudioMachine.

Ashelee ran out of the palace curious as to what the noise was outside. She got out to the court yard watching wide eyed as hundreds of soldiers dressed in old Atlantian Armor and wielding weapons that were just as old.

"Today we march to battle and win back what is ours." The head advisor shouted above the roaring of the growing crowd of men preparing for battle. "The humans on land thought they could take our place and conquer the oceans, they plague them with pollution and kill our fish. It's our turn to teach them a lesson."

The crowd cried out raising their weapons agreeing with him. Ashlee pushed her way through the crowd, over towered by the men around her. "Great Posidion," She whispered. "They were serious…"

"Let no one stop us!"

"STOP!" She screamed as loud as she could.

The crowd went silent and everyone turned to look at the small Atlantian princess. "Stop this nonsense! You are being ridiclous! We are just as much at fault as the land people! As daughter of the king of the sea, I forbid this!"

The advisor's eyes narrowed and then he smirked, "And what pray tell will you do to stop us?"

Ashlee's eyes started to glow green as she held out her hand, in it a staff materialized that matched her fathers. "If you go against me, I will have no choice but to send you all to the legions below us.. Don't try me Shalak."

"Ah of course not princess, but isn't it pathetic how you stoop to their level. But then it is to be expected." He bowed still speaking, "You are half otin-nu yourself aren't you?" He waited to see her reaction at using the insult for a half land half atlantian in their own language hoping to get a rise out of him.

Her eyes flashed angerily at the insult and charged at him.