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I am a 25 year old fangirl who has been writing fanfiction since she was 11. I write Hurt/Comfort and so yes all of my stories will have it in there. I also write Yaoi and Slash, that means male on male romance. If you can't handle this may I suggest you go somewhere else or read the warnings and avoid them?

Comments are love. Feedback makes me want to write more as long as it's nice. In other words don't be an ass hole.

Master Lists

Since it seems I have SO many stories (and fandoms) listed below are the master lists!

1960s Batman/Super Friends

Ronin Warriors


The Beatles

Lord of the Rings


Hetalia - NEW

Special Places for Writing on LJ

- fatalia_rg ~ This is my journal specifically for my Hetalia fics that revolve around Weight Gain. If you aren't into this please don't bother coming. It is a fetish and not many people understand it! :)

- johnscutejakie ~ My friended (you have to apply to join) journal for all and I mean ALL of my CATS RPS.

- schoolofarts ~ My original stories with my original characters. Very Mary Sue! :3

Where else to find my writing:

Deviant Art | Fanfiction.net

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